Thursday, 31 May 2018


Tonight I took my wife out for a meal at a local Japanese restaurant, which was probably my first time eating in one of that nation's UK establishments except for Wagamama.

My diet is the polar opposite of my mum's (who keeps an eye on my blog almost permanently, so somewhere in her house a buzzer just went off) in that I'm willing to give most things a try. My only stipulation is I don't eat meat, which I gave up around six years ago, though I still eat fish (their soulless eyes are my get-out clause) . The only major foreign food group I’m unlikely to opt for is Indian, though I don’t completely rule it out; it’s just not my first choice.

It’s probably surprising I’m keen to try new food when you consider my childhood diet, which inevitably didn’t explore the four corners of the culinary globe (there’s something wrong with that sentence shape-wise) as that wasn't to my mum’s taste, while my dad embraced the role of a 30-to-40-something man in the 1980s wholeheartedly and didn't cook. My latter-day adventurousness may have been influenced by all the touring I’ve done in my adult life, though I'm sure I was already experimenting with different flavours before that.

Tonight’s meal was stunning. I opted for a seafoody noodly broth with practically everything of a suitable size that lives in the ocean in it, which was lovely and reasonably priced. I’ll be back at the restaurant soon, though I won’t take my mum for obvious reasons.

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